We have created a simple and effective routine that engages and energises teams to go after any challenge that comes their way.


Group Meeting


A simple and effective routine that supports leaders, managers & their teams with any challenge they have by:

1. Connecting each other with who they are. 

2. Aligning everyone on what is needed.

3. Committing to getting it done, all in the physical / virtual room.

The major benefits for you would be:

  • to get your team working more effective with each other.

  • to bring cross functional team together with a joint purpose.

  • have your team to go after the “elephant in the room” problem.

  • to get ahead of your competition and learn a fundamentally new way of working together.

  • enhancing some qualities within your team (maybe: trust, honestly, openness, empathy, motivation, energy)

  • to improve the structure of meetings to be more focused, interactive, goal orientated and fun.

  • engaging your audience more during a keynote or company kick off.



  1. Every voice is heard.

  2. Ask & Listen without interruption.

  3. Appreciation is given.

  4. First reflect, then discuss as a group.

  5. Team alignment in the room.

  6. Everyone commits to an action.


What Clients Have Said


I worked together with Simon when he trained our staff in the Beyond leadership methodology and was highly impressed of his knowledge, his skills and more importantly, his passion. I can truly recommend Simon since he lives what he is conveying to the group. He easily involves all group members and is authentic in what he is doing.

Ralf Faltermeier​

Vice President Product Compliance and HSE at Kalle USA, LLC

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What's my story?

I left home and school at 17yrs old with no qualifications, although with an eagerness and determination to make something of myself. The next 30 years I worked hard and honest with no real expectations of a bigger and better career or job (or salary), just simply to do the best I could and help those around me. Humour with a positive outlook is my greatest gift to date. 

During the last 10 years I started to work (with some beyond buddies) on initially finding a better way to work together, by diving into such questions as: Q: What makes a great team? Q: How to have productive & meaningful meetings? Q: How to connect closer and with a deeper purpose to our colleagues? Q: How do we fundamentally change the way we work together, so we have a better and stress-free working environment? Q: How to go after the biggest problems within a team or company and work on finding the root cause first, then going after a solution. 

Once we dived into those, we realised that this is not just about work, but applicable for any situation both private or business related. It is simply to strip communication down to its roots (ask, listen, appreciate, reflect, discuss, decide, act) and it is amazing and life changing for me and the ones who dare to try. 

Since 3 years now I have made it my sole focus and mission to bring this kind of interaction and communication quality to businesses, teams and people all over the world, one person and one team at a time.   


TNT ESQ: Episode 17 with Simon Rodgers - ENTERING FLOW

TNT ESQ • Jan 26

Our guest today is Simon Rodgers, a transformation coach, unlocking full potential within individuals, teams and corporations.
Simon is all about helping people and teams to connecting through a coaching method that supports managers & their teams with any challenge they have by: Connecting them with who they are, Aligning everyone on what is needed, and Committing to getting it done. 
Connect - Align - Commit.


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